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The Gestalt Team

Your Team at Gestalt

CEO & Co-Founder

Stephanie lives to organize chaos. Whether it’s the chaos of traveling with a family of seven, or the chaos of starting a new company, it’s just the excitement she needs to feed her soul. She has spent her career in lending; most recently serving as founder and CEO of defi SOLUTIONS, where they built the company from the ground up to create leading-edge originations solutions for lenders to maximize profits and adapt to rapidly evolving markets.

Little known facts…
  • When not at work, you can find her traveling, organizing or playing games
  • She has a thing for Weird Al Yankovich
  • Strength Finders Top 5: Command, Achiever, Arranger, Responsibility, Communication
  • Ennegram 8: Challenger

CTO/CPO & Co-Founder

Justin has a passion for building and investing in products and teams that scale. His unique breadth of technology and business acumen has allowed him to pull organizations together through focus and mission. He is a highly motivated entrepreneurial product leader. He has worked with executives and thought leaders from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies across many verticals, most recently fintech. Notable strengths include Executive Relationships, Product Strategy, and Team Building.

Little known facts…
  • His favorite activities include brewing beer, movies, video games, and poker
  • He can’t spell to save his life 🙂
  • He’d revisit Alaska and Hawaii in a heartbeat
  • Maximizer personality
  • Ennegram 7: The Enthusiast

Director, Venture Studio @Ensemblex
Board Member & Product Team Advisor @ Gestalt Tech

Chloe co-founds the next generation of fintechs with rock star founders. She has led several successful product launches at Mission Lane, a fintech unicorn. These products played a major role in doubling Mission Lane’s customer base to over 2 million. She was also a founding investor of a global investment fund at White Oak Global. During her tenure, the fund scaled to over $200mm in capital deployed across four continents.

Little known facts…
  • Her favorite activity is travel
  • She uses a spreadsheet to plan every trip
  • Achiever personality
  • Ennegram 6: The Loyalist

Principal @Ensemblex
Board Member @ Gestalt Tech

Shawn has more than 30 years of experience in the consumer finance industry and 10 years of applying machine learning algorithms in consumer lending. He has worked with a variety of lenders, including a finance company, several banks, and as an independent consultant. With more than eight years at Capital One, Shawn was responsible for leadership of several diverse Capital One business units. His last role at the bank was its first Chief Customer Officer.

Little known facts…
  • His favorite activities are tennis, cycling, and reading
  • He’s visited 50 countries around the globe
  • Munich and Aspen are his fav cities
  • He enjoys a good dinner, over breakfast and lunch

Head of Data and Engineering

Kevin is an impassioned leader focused on placing data and analytics at the center of the enterprise. He brings a systems-thinker attitude to Gestalt, along with over 20 years of experience in data and technology and a skillset that includes a wide array of industry knowledge, nuance, and know-how. He has spent the past 10+ years in the fintech space and enjoys the challenge of building financial data insights to help lenders succeed.

Little known facts…
  • You pronounce his last name Nuh-var.
  • Kevin loves to travel to Mexico.
  • Brunch is best!

Board of Advisors

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