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Decision ready data at your fingertips.

Decision ready data at your fingertips.

Gestalt enables...

How We Help

Banks, Debt Providers and Credit Funds

It may be hard to pronounce Gestalt, but it’s harder to get access to accurate originator data.

  • Eliminate manual uploads and room for fraud with a direct connection to all your portfolio companies’ data sources
  • Monitor your portfolio companies in real-time with a custom-configured portal
  • Access all your favorite reports and connect to your existing reporting tool
  • Build trust with regulators and your stakeholders through transparent reporting and monitoring
  • Focus more time on data-driven insights instead of wrangling mundane data
  • Save your bank and portfolio companies human resources and thousands of dollars
How We Help

Lenders & Originators

  • Integrate with and automatically standardize data from your favorite sources regardless of format
  • Deliver fast, transparent reporting in high-stake moments, building partner and regulator trust
  • Save time onboarding new data sources with our proprietary data mapping and modeling engine
  • Reduce your data maintenance time by as much as 90%
  • Spend more time servicing customers and less time wrangling data

Do you have a lot of data – but it’s messy and unreliable?

Do you have a data lake but it’s still hard to find what I’m looking for.

Do you have an organized data environment but still, it doesn’t seem like everything is where it should be.

Get Gestalt!

Before Gestalt

After Gestalt

How We Help

Vendor Partners

  • Solve your clients’ data storage, reporting, and analytics needs
  • Save valuable time training us on your data once instead of training 100s of lenders over and over
  • Give your customers clean data to help them be successful and continue being your customer
  • Earn high-margin, pass-thru revenue
  • Gain recognition as part of our demos and marketing efforts
  • Speed up the transition to your product and the notification process when data feeds change