Put game-changing insights at your fingertips.

It’s never been easier with the Nortridge LMS and its new Gestalt Tech data warehouse integration.

All lenders need a data warehouse that centralizes all the data from all of their systems into one easily accessible location.

You can build one yourself, spend lots of money and time, and end up with a data warehouse that’s 80% the same as everyone else’s.

With the Gestalt data warehouse, you get the 80% right out of the box. And the remaining 20% is configurable – all at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself and with more features than you would build.

  • Ready-to-go integration – Feed your Nortridge data into Gestalt as well as all your LOS data, CRM data, titling data, and more.
  • Lower your cost of funds – Gestalt makes it easy to build your due diligence package for your next raise.
  • Access and use new insights – Dig all the way down to what color cars perform best!
  • Eliminate wasted man-hours – Like all the time it takes to chase down data for an audit.
  • Make better decisions quicker – Use data to inform your decisions instead of debating policy changes in Underwriting or Collections.

“After years of experience working for large, sophisticated lenders, we know how much better insights, reporting, policy changes, and compliance are when you have all of your data in one place. That’s why we built our data warehouse, so lenders of any size can have the same advantages.”

-Stephanie Hanson, Gestalt Tech

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