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Gestalt Tech Announces Integration with Inovatec

By August 10, 2023No Comments
Partnership gives lenders access to decision-ready data, saving them hours of reporting time per week

August 10, 2023 Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas – Gestalt Tech, leading provider of out-of-the-box data warehousing solutions for lenders, today announced it has partnered with Inovatec to give lenders using Inovatec’s proven LOS and LMS solutions all the benefits of a complete data warehouse without building one from scratch.  

Lenders using Inovatec and Gestalt will be able to quickly connect to a reliable and secure data warehouse in a third of the time compared to competing offerings, and any changes made to the data will be automatically reflected in the data model.

Data warehouses have historically been the domain of large, established lenders with sizable budgets and staff to either build their own facilities or hire consultants to do it on their behalf, which can be disruptive, time consuming and expensive. Gestalt eases this burden by giving even small lenders and community banks instant access to data warehousing solutions that deliver decision-ready data and automatically surfaces key insights, empowering them to focus on what matters most to their business.

“We are excited to partner with Inovatec to save lenders on average over ten hours per week in reporting, powered by Gestalt’s decision-ready and audit-ready data warehouse,” said Stephanie Hanson, Gestalt chief executive officer. “By integrating Gestalt into Inovatec’s proven LOS and LMS platform, lenders can benefit from seamless access to compelling insights that can have a transformational effect on their entire lending operation.”

Inovatec co-founder and chief executive officer Vlad Kovacevic shares Hanson’s excitement. “Gestalt’s solutions can be a game changer for many lenders,” said Kovacevic. “While other data warehouse solutions simply provide data with little if any analysis, Gestalt enables same-day delivery of data that lenders can actually use during critical moments, such as compliance reporting and investor loan tape generation. This offering makes data far more accessible and beneficial than what was previously available in the market.”

Stephanie Hanson

About Gestalt Tech
Gestalt Tech makes it possible for fintechs and community lenders to enjoy all the benefits of a modern data warehouse without waiting or settling. Lenders with a Gestalt data warehouse are more productive, save time and money, and increase trust with key partners. Data pulls that used to take months and 200+ man-hours, take less than one day. The intuitive and standardized architecture makes learning how to use it easy, and the more you use it, the smarter and more customized it gets. Like the word “gestalt”, we unify all your data to create a meaningful whole that’s greater than the sum of its part. To learn more and schedule a data warehouse walk-thru, visit

About Inovatec
Inovatec Systems Corporation’s proven cloud-based loan origination and loan management solutions improve business outcomes for automotive, power sports, consumer, equipment, and other lenders across North America and additional markets. Inovatec’s uniquely flexible platform empowers lenders to satisfy fast-changing customer requirements, increase revenue, reduce operating costs, and improve customer experiences—all through an intuitive, easy-to-configure and manage interface. Visit to learn more. 

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