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Gestalt Tech and Lendisoft Partner to Empower Financial First Responders with Transformative Innovation

By November 20, 2023No Comments

Flower Mound, Texas –(BUSINESS WIRE)– Gestalt Tech, leading the way to data nirvana with its out-of-the-box data warehouse for lenders, today announced it has partnered with Lendisoft to give lenders the tools and data to become leading financial first responders.

“Real-time intelligence is exactly what a financial first responder needs to protect their business and the credit interests of their borrower”

“We’re excited to partner with Lendisoft to help change the game for lenders who want to become financial first responders,” Stephanie Hanson, Gestalt Chief Executive Officer, said. “With our decision- and audit-ready data warehouse, lenders gain a competitive advantage where they can offer timely customized products that deliver on borrowers’ changing needs and attitudes and ultimately create more opportunities for success.”

Lendisoft’s sophisticated loan management system (LMS) is built by lenders for lenders, offering a risk-based approach to ensure the lender and the borrower are best positioned for success. Combined with the innovative capabilities of Gestalt’s data warehouse, including superfast and transparent reporting, automatic standardization of data, and significantly less data maintenance, the partnership makes it easy for lenders to access critical on-demand intelligence that enable real-time business decisions.

“Real-time intelligence is exactly what a financial first responder needs to protect their business and the credit interests of their borrower,” Bill Gerber, Lendisoft Chief Revenue Officer, said.

In addition to delivering on the financial first responder promise, Rick Haskell, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lendisoft, said the partnership with Gestalt offers a unique product suite to lenders. “Our approach is different. A simple, yet sophisticated, cloud-based strategy built with the lending professional in mind. It’s great partnering with a company that shares our passion for helping smaller lenders compete and grow!”

About Gestalt Tech

Gestalt Tech makes it possible for fintechs and community lenders to enjoy all the benefits of a modern data warehouse without waiting or settling. Lenders with a Gestalt data warehouse are more productive, save time and money, and increase trust with key partners. Data pulls that used to take months and 200+ man-hours, take less than one day. The intuitive and standardized architecture makes learning how to use it easy, and the more you use it, the smarter and more customized it gets. Like the word “gestalt”, we unify all your data to create a meaningful whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. To learn more and schedule a data warehouse walk-thru, visit

About Lendisoft

As a renowned purveyor of a comprehensive Loan Management software suite, Lendisoft also offers integrated Risk Management solutions via a SaaS/Subscription model. Leveraging state-of-the-art developments in cloud-based, Big Data, and AI technologies, we equip lenders with the tools to cultivate a highly profitable portfolio, enhance operational performance, and remain compliant with State & Federal Regulatory guidelines. For further information or to schedule a demo, please reach us at 949-888-5557. Additional information can be found on our website at

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CEO Gestalt Tech, Inc.
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