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Gestalt Tech and DataOceans Become Integration Partners

By October 4, 2023No Comments

Integration helps turn the tide on complex data management and customer communications for lenders

FLOWER MOUND, Texas – Gestalt Tech, leading the way to data nirvana with its out-of-the-box data warehouse for lenders, is excited to announce its new partnership with DataOceans, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions that are transforming how lenders engage with customers. Their partnership helps ensure more lenders have access to powerful tools that can give them the edge.

Gestalt CEO Stephanie Hanson commented on the companies’ shared passion for changing the status quo. “After spending 20+ years in the lending industry, it is important to me that lenders have the tools they need to work smarter, like automation, centralization, and direct access to all of their data. DataOceans is focused on changing the game in customer communications for lenders. We are focused on changing the game in the data that feeds into and comes out of those communications.”

For lenders using the Gestalt data warehouse, the partnership with DataOceans means they’ll have clean data that’s already formatted and integrated with DataOceans. They won’t have to integrate their other systems and can launch the DataOceans platform much quicker.

Lawrence Buckley, Senior Vice President, Business Development at DataOceans, stated, “We’re very excited to join forces with Gestalt Tech in this strategic partnership. Our mission has always been to empower organizations with innovative solutions that elevate customer communications. By integrating with Gestalt’s data warehouse, we’re simplifying data management for lenders, allowing them to dedicate more resources to value-driven initiatives. This collaboration marks an important step towards enhancing the way lenders communicate with their customers.”

DataOceans customers that use Gestalt will get access to a complete data warehouse, the likes of which has historically been the domain of large, established lenders with equally large budgets. “Just like lenders don’t start a cable company from scratch to connect to the Internet, now lenders don’t need to build a data warehouse from scratch to access decision-ready data. They can leverage Gestalt and focus on value-add work instead,” Hanson said.

With Gestalt, lenders using DataOceans can send data automatically to the DataOceans platform and access ready-to-go reporting. They’ll also have the ability to query their DataOceans data in the same place with all of their other data.

Stephanie Hanson, CEO Gestalt Tech, Inc.
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About Gestalt Tech
Gestalt Tech makes it possible for fintechs and community lenders to enjoy all the benefits of a modern data warehouse without waiting or settling. Lenders with a Gestalt data warehouse are more productive, save time and money, and increase trust with key partners. Data pulls that used to take months and 200+ man-hours, take less than one day. The intuitive and standardized architecture makes learning how to use it easy, and the more you use it, the smarter and more customized it gets. Like the word “gestalt”, we unify all your data to create a meaningful whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. To learn more and schedule a data warehouse walk-thru, visit

About DataOceans
DataOceans is a recognized Customer Communications Management (CCM) leader, specializing in data-driven, omni-channel customer communication experiences. The Oceanus CCM Platform empowers organizations with interactive customer portals, while reducing costs and enhancing the efficiency of managing regulatory letters, notices, as well as customer billing and payment processes.

Drawing from over 15 years of experience, DataOceans has consistently provided solutions to a wide array of organizations – spanning from Fortune 500 corporations to innovative start-ups within the highly regulated consumer finance, credit union and banking sectors. By closely collaborating with client teams, we ensure the seamless implementation of solutions, fostering enduring partnerships.

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