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Think of these FAQs as conversation starters.

The fastest way to get the whole story and answers to all your questions is to take a break from pulling data the hard way and chat with us instead.

Big Picture

Why do I need a centralized data warehouse?

The best data warehouses accelerate time-to-result for all your mission-critical work at a cost any company can afford. As a result, performance retros, scorecard construction, credit model updates, investor reporting, compliance audits, and training new staff become a whole lot easier.

What makes your data warehouse so special?

Reasons Gestalt is special:

  1. A data warehouse designed for business teams. You’ve got a real partner in us. We’ve been in the lending business like you. We speak your language and know exactly what you’re up against. We’re also data warehouse experts, having spent the last several years honing and improving the ideal solution. The result is a data warehouse that meets the needs of the largest lenders, but at a fraction of the cost.
  2. Smart auto mapping. We know lenders have different data from different sources. So, we created a flexible core data model that’s configurable for each lender – without breaking the bank. Our AI-powered mapping tool will automatically map most of your data, no matter the source. For the remaining data, we work with your data vendors to make sure your information is accurately curated in the warehouse. What’s more, our auto-mapping tool gets smarter every day! So, as you add more sources of data, it will become faster and more accurate, just for you.
  3. Reporting modules. As a Gestalt customer, you will gain access to our vast library of reporting modules ranging from sponsor bank monitoring, compliance audit, fair lending reviews, and more.

About our Data Warehouse

What exactly is your product?

Gestalt is a central tool that pulls all of your data from other places and prepares it for you to use however you want. Try Gestalt yourself and see how fast your next data pull can be.

Does your data warehouse replace Snowflake?

No. With Gestalt, you’ll still enjoy industry leading cloud storage solution and data security offered by Snowflake, while instantly accessing curated data and reporting offered by Gestalt. With Gestalt, you can expect more from your data warehouse.

How long does your data warehouse store my data?

10 years. That’s our standard, but you can select a different option when you sign up to meet your needs. Rest assured, you-not Gestalt-own your data.

What happens if my data doesn’t arrive on schedule?

Thanks for our smart data pipeline monitoring tool, Gestalt gives you peace of mind! Automatic alerts are configured to alert Gestalt at the first sign of an issue and we’ll be on it ASAP. For example, we’re notified if your data isn’t sent to us by your vendor at a typical time, or your data comes in a range that differs from the norm.

Does Gestalt include a way to analyze my data?

Not yet. We’re planning to offer an out-of-the-box analytics tool in 2024 that leverages a popular BI platform. For now, you can easily connect Gestalt to your favorite BI tool to run analytics as usual.

Is your product available outside the U.S.?

Not at this point. However, if you’re outside the U.S., please reach out to us to see if timing makes sense for both of us.

About our Process

What is your implementation process like?

We have two processes based on whether we’re working with new or existing integration partners. The only difference between the two processes is one takes a bit longer than the other, but compared to other options, both of our processes take no time at all.

Existing Partners
New Partners

What if I've already started mapping out my data?

No time is really wasted when you stop going down the wrong path and choose a better one.

What are the steps?

After our kick-off meeting, we get down to working with your data. The steps are (in order): Ingest, clean, standardize, integrate, and curate. Testing and training are the final steps before going live.

Do you provide documentation on how to use your data warehouse?

Yes. Documentation is built into the product. We also provide helpdesk support via email and chat. You probably won’t need it though, since our data warehouse is designed to be self-explanatory.

What happens if I switch my LOS/LMS provider?

You won’t have to deal with the pain of getting your data. Having it all in a centralized place, like our data warehouse, gives you freedom.

What happens if I don't want to use Gestalt after x amount of time?

Of course, we’ll be sad to see you go. What you would do is simply provide the proper notice per your contract, and we’ll send you and/or your new vendor your raw data.