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Don’t just pull data.

Pull ahead.

Save money, work smarter, and win over your finance partners with the data warehouse that gives you an edge.

Data Solution

Lenders are constantly wrangling data from multiple systems. Systems that don’t talk to each other. Without Gestalt, lenders have to create workarounds that endanger high stake reporting such as risk management, investor updates, and compliance audits. Gestalt’s warehouse offers a wholistic solution to messy data for all lenders - no matter your size. Let Gestalt be your data solution.

Benefits that add up to a competitive advantage.

Connect to your favorite data
Gestalt is built by lenders for lenders

Finish reporting faster than you can say Gestalt
Grab-and-go reports purpose-built for lending use cases

Build trust with your most important partners
Give investors and regulators confidence with complete, accurate, and timely reporting

Add to your bank instead of breaking it
Better quality and lower cost than doing it yourself

Train new staff faster
They’ll locate data before they can find the bathroom

Watch your data warehouse get smarter over time
The more you use Gestalt, the more the data customizes to your needs.


Get more out of your data.

A whole lot more.

If you’re ready to pull the trigger on success, schedule a data warehouse walk-thru now.