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All your data.

All in one place.

Already built out.

Why re-invent the wheel when you can Gestalt?

Data Solution

Thousands of lenders are doing the exact same tasks to get all of their data from all of their systems into one centralized location for easy access and use. Gestalt is a data warehouse built in the exact same way. We did it once, so lenders don’t have to. Now any lender can use our SaaS solution to gain economies of scale and a competitive advantage from the word go.

Data Architecture

The end result after hiring and paying someone to build it for you is nearly the same for all lenders. Ours is already built and works for everyone.

Data Model

80% of all data models created by lenders are the same. We’ve built that 80% already and make the remaining 20% configurable for you.

Data Mapping

Hundreds of lenders using the same loan origination system have to learn the LOS data and map it into their model. We’ve done it once and know it.

Data Maintenance

We built Gestalt, so we maintain it for you, watching for errors and anomalies, adding in new fields and columns, and more.

Things you can do with clean, normalized data in Gestalt

  • Query your data directly
  • Use our embedded reporting tool or plug in your own
  • Leverage our integrations as you bring on new systems
  • Plug into our backend ecosystem of cool products to try out, including decisioning, letter generation, license plate recognition, skip tracing, and BK outsourcing
  • Leverage the data and insights you need to run your business successfully

Your new data warehouse is ready and waiting for you.

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Get more out of your data.

A whole lot more.

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